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Village Safety Net program (VSNP)

Combating and Prevention of Violence, Sexual Abuse, Village Trafficking and Exploitation Program (Village Safe Net program (VSNP))

The VSNP responds directly to the issues of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and exploitation – ensuring women and girls are given equitable, open opportunities to build their economic resources, develop their socio-economic status and build their community.
VSNP Workshop
VSNP Workshop on the awareness of violence, sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitation

The current generation of young parents has grown up with 30 years of brutal civil war, and as a result the fundamental values of compassion and care have been stripped from their community and family environments. Poverty is rife in Cambodia, and many individuals fail to rise above it due to a lack of education and basic life skills. Many of the impoverished young have grown up in violent families, and have subsequently suffered through abuse, and developed unhealthy concepts of conflict resolution. One fifth of Cambodian housewives and primary school children have been abused, with perpetrators ranging from husbands through to teachers, principles, and family members. Two simultaneous approaches to these problems are required to address both the socio-economic causes of violence, and to enforce law where abuse has occurred.

VSNP workshop discussion
VSNP workshop: Discussion of the adult group on child issues

The program is directly linked with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s ‘Rectangular Strategy IV, Capacity Building and Human Resources Development’. Side 3 of this strategy, ‘Implementation of Gender policy’, states that the main objective of the program is to build the capacities of woman and change social attitudes that discriminate women, it further states that all ‘women are entitled to the equitable distribution of economic resources, equitable opportunities to participate in socio-economic development, and equitable legal protection, and thereby enabling women to avoid domestic violence and trafficking’.

Our program is also consistent with the Consultative Group (CG) benchmarks for 2005, as outlined in December 2004, in accordance with the section ‘Supporting Human Development, Area – Gender, Poverty and HIV/AIDS: the Indicators’. This section identifies the goal of ‘Put in place the Legal Framework for Protection, Draft Domestic Violence Law is adopted by the Council of Ministers and submitted to the National Assembly and a Prevention Plan adopted, Draft Anti Trafficking Law is adopted by the Council of Ministers and submitted to the National Assembly and a Prevention Plan adopted’.