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Program Overview

The VCAO works with poor and socially vulnerable children to provide education, to build hope, and to promote healthy dreams for the future. It is through this work that children can learn about their rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC) and are able to acquire life skills and the moral support they need to develop into healthy adults.

There are ten program areas:
• Combating and Prevention of Violence, Sexual Abuse, Village Trafficking and Exploitation Program (Village Safe Net program (VSNP))
• Promoting Access to Primary Education
• Community Work Skills Program
• Center for the Development of Life Proficiency and Hope Program
• Care for Child Domestic Workers
• Social Stabilization Program
• Saving and Revolving Fund Program
• Advocacy for Children’s Rights Program
• Information Management and Monitoring Program
• Organizational Development and Capacity Building Program

Where We Work