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The Center ‘Center for the Development of Life Proficiency and Hope’ is running as a shelter for providing temporary staying to vulnerable children, children at high risk of sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitation, and victims children. Children especially girls were identified with their vulnerability and hardship to be faced to demestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitaion and they were refered and recued to the center. The center is also serves as a vocational skill center which provides the children with weaving, and handicraft skills. Furthermore, literacy class and life skills are also equipped to them.

Programs Implemented:

Center for the Development of Life Proficiency and Hope, Takeo

1. National Route No. 2, Kdei Village,
Seung commune, Samrong district,
Takeo province, Cambodia.

2. Trapang Sdock Village,
Tang Yab Commune, Prey Kabas District,
Takeo Province, Cambodia

3. Dock Por Village,
Rorviang Commune, Samrong District,
Takeo Province, Cambodia

Tel: (+855) 12 549 043
Email: vcao.takeo@vcao.org.kh

Takeo Rural Development

Supported by: BMZterre des hommes Germany