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Organizational Development and Capacity Building Program

VCAO is in a transitional stage of organizational development. It has many programs and receives funds from many donors. Some donors have recognized it as a leading agency in the implementation of the Village Safety Net Program.

The VCAO needs to be restructured in order to better fit the demand of the organization’s programs and financial requirements. The organization shall adhere to a flat management structure as much as is possible. Internal partnerships and working relationships shall be clearly and consistently defined. Team development will be promoted and used as the informal channels in finding common solutions in real cases. Mindset and leadership behaviors have to be built throughout the organization. A social worker is responsible for several districts where thousands of people live. If they do not have proper leadership behavior, they will hardly change the behavior of stakeholders. If stakeholders do not change their behaviors then changes to the lives of children cannot be reasonably expected.

Capacity Building: Training on Participatory Rapid Appraisal
VCAO’s staff receiving a training on Participatory Rapid Appraisal

PRA Training 2
Group discussion during the training

Due to the development of programs beyond their initial scope, capacity gaps exist. Capacity could be described in a conceptual framework of; division of labor, leadership, information resource, material resources, human resources, financial resources, and work practices.

The financial management and accounting systems need to be enriched to the internationally acceptable standards. This will enable the system to show transparency in the management and auditing of financial resources. Procedures for the procurement of goods and work shall be well developed. Accounting software and account codes shall be created and used for all donors. Internal audit functions shall be strengthened. Disbursement projection and cash flow shall be improved. Program budgeting capacity needs to be enriched to a level, which meets demand.

Annual Review Meeting
Annual Meeting: Capacity building is also taken place at the meeting

Monthly Meeting
On-the-job training during the meeting

Program technical expertise has to be shared and built by individual staff through daily work performance, using internal human resources, or the hire of external expertise.

VCAO will become a resource-based organization, which can share with other organizations the expertise available and will have strong organizational foundation for future institutional development.

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