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Saving and Revolving Fund Program

Children that have gained work skills in their community have no capital to perform their job. Children who gained work and social skills in center-based programs can have some capital before they are reintegrated into their home/community.

Children will find problems managing and controlling their new jobs and businesses in the early stages. These businesses can easily fail without proper controls and management. The child’s family members can use income inappropriately. Children have to deal with their own economic problems in managing the success and failure of their jobs. They need to control the balance of income and expenditure, and move toward the expansion of their jobs and businesses.

Jobs and businesses can fail, but the saving and revolving fund program will continue providing assistance in order to provide another chance for the opportunity to continue. Children’s behavior in saving and spending money will be followed and advised upon. A community network has to be established, and is used as a mechanism to monitor job performance and management.