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Center for the Development of Life Proficiency and Hope Program

Many of the poor, especially the poorest, have no property for productive works such as land for agricultural activities and agriculture equipment. They are hired by other middle-income families to perform agricultural functions. Demand for this labor only exists during planting and harvesting seasons. Often these workers go from home to home seeking other general domestic work – carrying water, working in the farm, digging wells, laundry, chasing birds in a rice field, and other miscellaneous work. In general these tasks net an income of half a dollar a day. A vulnerable living environment results one susceptible to the development of serious emotional and physical abuse. Girls of these families are at risk of sexual abuse by their father, stepfather, or other members of the community.

Center for the Development of Life Proficiency and Hope serves as a shelter for providing temporary staying to vulnerable children (girls) who are at high risk of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitaton, and it functions as a vocational skill training center to equipe the children with weaving, sewing, handicraft skills and as well as life skills.

Children received weaving skill
Children receiving weaving skill training in the center

Handicraft skills, and basic agricultural skills, provide a means to establish a sustainable income and reducing household expenditure. Many kinds of vegetables can be planted, and some animals can be raised to fulfill basic survival needs for a family – rather than spending money to buy them from the market. Children gain skills and can earn capital during their training in the centers.

Children receiving sewing skill
Children receiving sewing skill training in the center

Vegetable growing in the center
Vegetable growing and planting of children in the center

The promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) is a key aspect of the Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government. There are two policies stated; promote vocational/skills training both domestic and overseas; expand and accelerate the “one village, one product? program. The Center for the Development of Life Proficiency and Hope is a direct response to these policies.

The VCAO targets groups that are excluded or overlooked by many social services. These targets are to be rescued, and need alternative center based care programs. These targets include girls at risk of sexual abuse, child domestic workers, girls who act as the head of the familiy, and children with no property for agriculture, and no work skills.

The VCAO has a model of good practice, the “Center for the Development of Life Proficiency and Hope?, which can be replicated to other geographical areas under the Vulnerable Children Assistance Support Program 2006-2009.

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